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July 2016

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has come down hard on Wolverhampton Council, in the wake of a security blunder that saw it expose the personal details of almost 10,000 people. This is despite the ICO’s recommendation in 2011, that Wolverhampton Council take steps to improve their data protection. In 2014, this undertaking became an enforceable order. However, two years later, it seems that the council just hasn’t done enough.Read More

According to recently released statistics, the UK rail network has suffered four major cyber attacks in the past year. With Network Rail looking to digitise its signalling infrastructure across the UK, fears are growing for the security of the UK rail network, as a whole. However, it appears that hackers are testing the water, before launching a specifically disruptive attack.Read More

Indie label conglomerate, Beggars Group, have revealed that many of their US customers may have been exposed to hackers, through purchases that were made in the past year. Representing bands such as the Queens of the Stone Age, Sonic Youth and Vampire Weekend, Beggars Group is a collective for a number of major independent labels, including XL, 4AD and Matador. Matador Direct sent a letter to their customers, warning them that anyone who purchased any products from the sites of the labels they house, between 28th April 2015 and 4th May 2016 may have had their personal information exposed to hackers.Read More

Linux Ubuntu Forum Hacked

Fri 22 Jul 2016

If you’ve lived under the misconception that software is built to be hacker-proof, perhaps the recent Linux hack will give you pause for thought. On the 14th July, it was announced that the Linux Ubuntu Forum had been hacked. While this appears to be the only OS to have been compromised, it is still a dent in Canonical’s pristine reputation and has revealed a chink in their armour – a dent that could possibly expose 2million users to further vulnerabilities.Read More

If you’ve been receiving messages from Facebook, saying that you’ve been tagged in a comment by a friend, you might want to think twice before replying. A worldwide Facebook phishing scam has been uncovered, which is apparently claiming a new victim every 20 seconds – and is showing no signs of letting up.Read More

 On Tuesday 19th of July, the hacking group, OurMine, announced that they had successfully hacked a server to the online sandbox game, Minecraft. This is the same group that claims to have hacked Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter account, which they used to announce details of the breach. However, with regard to the Minecraft hack, the group changed tactic and uploaded what they describe as a ‘Vulnerability Video,’ giving details of the hack. The video was preceded by this message:Read More

Just as the smartphone was the next step in the evolution of the basic telephone, the smartwatch is much more than just a time-piece. Giving you live access to certain types of information and intelligent features, the smartwatch was designed to add extra convenience to your life; to make things a little easier. However, a new study from Binghamton University has found that smartwatches might be making things a bit too easy for hackers and a lot harder for smartwatch owners.Read More

In February of this year, burger chain, Wendy’s, announced that it may have suffered a security breach. In May, the franchise followed-up its statement with confirmation that it had identified malware on its point of sale systems that was being used to appropriate credit card information. Stolen data was thought to include credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates, verification numbers and service codes. However, this was thought to be from under 300 separate locations. Despite this, Wendy’s has issued a further statement, revealing that the breach may be a lot bigger than first thought.Read More

The UK Defence Gateway is the one-stop portal to a cloud-hosted environment for a number of websites, applications and mobile applications. It was designed to provide simple and secure access to these resources, so that any member of defence can securely collaborate, communicate and share information from any device. However, in recent days, its security has been found to be lacking, offering hackers a potential gateway to extremely sensitive data.Read More

The hacking group, OurMine, have been busy of late. Not content with hacking the Twitter accounts of Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg and Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek, they’ve turned their attentions to another executive: Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick.Read More