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The digital era has made banks and financial institutions more vulnerable than ever before. The same systems that offer convenience and efficiency to the customer are the ones that are waiting to be exploited through increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. While the financial ramifications of a cyber heist are reason enough for CEOs to break a sweat, the damage to the brand’s reputation can be more far-reaching and significant: customers whose banks have been successfully attacked by cybercriminals have been found to have less trust in them and this can inhibit growth and tarnish their image.Read More

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Running small firms day to day can leave little time to think about anything but the most immediate and pressing concerns. But neglecting other risks can have serious consequences for the future of the business and sometimes jeopardise a firm’s chance of survival. Here are five issues which might not be at the forefront of a small business owner’s mind but should be.Read More

The Rise of CEO Fraud

Thu 14 Jan 2016

Over the last 10 years, a new type of scam has taken hold in France and is set to explode on a global scale. It’s fairly simple in its operation: cybercriminals impersonate a CEO and order employees to transfer sums of money to a third-party bank account. However, while it might appear very basic, many large corporations have fallen foul of this trick, including Michelin, Nestle and, Saint-Gobain. More recently, hackers have turned their attentions to medium-sized businesses – such as was the case with Etna Industrie.Read More