Cyber Security as an industry has grown year-on-year by 28%, pointing to the ever-increasing need for digital defences. One of the most common threats, such as a data breach, is estimated at around $140m of lost revenue to a business (and considered much more under GDPR). By 2020, it has been estimated that every business will lose $2.2m revenue as a result of issues relating to information security.

Whilst the scale of Cyber Security increases, the pool of expertise is shrinking. The annual survey from the ESG Research Project, in collaboration with Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) from 2014-2018 demonstrated that skills shortage was the highest concern for those surveyed. The most recent survey (2018), showed that up to 51% of respondents claimed that their organisation lacked Cyber Security skills – an increase of 28% since the first survey.

This is why we have developed a dynamic solution which matches superior technology with expert people, to take on the challenge exhibited by industry at large.

Protecting your business beyond the firewall

To prevent attacks or incidents, you have to think like a hacker. What are the vulnerabilities, what are the targets which are known to pay off? We understand the motivations of Threat Actors. EQ FirstSight is a scalable intelligence solution which provides a unified view of the digital assets that your organisation owns and how an attacker sees them. We combine comprehensive and scalable data analytics with human data security experts to protect your organisation from digital risks.

  • You get the extensive coverage you need to be prepared. We monitor the widest range of sources across the visible, deep, and dark web. Our service identifies a variety of digital risks, including cyber threats, data loss, and reputational risks.

  • You only see intelligence that is relevant to you. A register of key assets that uniquely define your organisation, your subsidiaries and your supply chain drives our intelligence machinery.

  • You save time and money. Deploy our managed security services and let our intelligence operations analysts lift the signal from the noise, strip out false positives and dedicate your efforts to the priorities for your business.

How EQ FirstSight Helps You Manage Your Digital Risk

Gather as much data as possible
Using a diverse range of collection techniques, EQ FirstSight monitors across the broadest range of data sources, including paste sites, code repositories, mobile app stores, social media and the dark web in order to collect a full picture of your organisation’s digital risk.

Multi-dimensional info in real-time
Relevant, prioritized and actionable incidents are delivered via the EQ FirstSight portal, email alerts or API.

Understand how incidents relate to each other
Utilise campaign, malware and indicator knowledge to identify related attacks and adversaries that may affect your operations.

Understanding growth of risk over time
Efficiently track threat data over time, analyse your risk profile more accurately and adjust your defensive posture to neutralise future attacks before they happen.

Plan remedial actions with better efficiency
Monitors threats in your industry sector and geography that are directly relevant to you. This insight enables you to make better and more informed IT and security decisions.

Understand who you are being targeted by, and why
EQ FirstSight utilises the latest STIX 2.0 reporting methodology to provide context that helps you understand inbound threats more efficiently.

Understand how compromises happened
Support scoping and remediation by correlating evidence from an investigation with related indicators and context.

Fear of missing something
Empower your teams to proactively search for malicious activity that has not yet been identified.

Resource and team performance management
Our expert analysts act as your augmented InfoSec team; verifying automated incidents, greatly reducing false positives, conducting further research, adding context, and assigning a severity rating.

Time versus effectiveness
EQ FirstSight can take the burden of manual collection and analysis away, so you can access intelligent and actionable insight into threats, and initiate remediation. Helping you achieve more, faster with your existing security infrastructure and people.

Get ahead of the game

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