Prepare your response

In addition to giving you access to an Incident Response Team, comprised of technical experts and experienced, effective decision-makers, Equiniti Cyber Security will also provide you with proven systems that can manage post-breach containment and begin remediation, quickly and efficiently. We’ll also ensure you receive detailed, forensic reports and a working knowledge of cybercrime legislation, supported by specialist advice, throughout the entire response process.

The right response at the right time

In the event of a security breach, our Incident Response Team will work with your internal staff to identify the type of cyber attack and determine the best course of remediation.

Using analysis software and forensic techniques, such as reverse malware engineering, host-based intrusion detection and network analysis, we will define the initial vector of the breach, in order to determine how it took place. With that information, we can determine its abilities, aims and impact on your business. Finally, we will supply you with everything you need to eradicate the threat and reinforce your defences.

Audit your cyber-security risks

Prevention is better than cure. Using Equiniti Cyber Security to audit your cyber security risks puts your business ahead of a constantly evolving curve. Our consultants will thoroughly review the effectiveness of every aspect of your security measures, including:

  • Cybercrime management procedures
  • Cybercrime detection capabilities
  • Incident management processes
  • Incident management policies
  • Data security and privacy risks

In addition to ensuring that all information risks are properly assessed, Equiniti Cyber Security will also ensure that your security protocols are up-to-date and fully compliant. Regular cyber security audits will also ensure that your business is fully protected against emerging threats.

Pen testing: put your IT infrastructure through its paces

Having studied how cybercriminals operate, Equiniti Cyber Security has developed tried and tested methods to identify threats to your internal network and nullify them.

We can simulate cyber attacks on your corporate networks, putting your security tools to the test. Using the human element, alongside cutting-edge software, we can quickly assess your network’s vulnerabilities and suggest the best course of action to render them impenetrable.

Both Black and White Hat tests can be run, according to your needs. Ultimately, our tests will look for a variety of weaknesses, including:

  • Unpatched systems
  • Unnecessary services
  • Misconfigurations

Simulation: see your security through the eyes of a hacker

Our Cyber Security experts can help to highlight the weaknesses and flaws in your infrastructure, by running simulated cyber attacks. Without any risk to the security of your sensitive data or intellectual property, we will assign user roles, based on levels of access and identify the susceptibilities found in each case. With this information, Equiniti Cyber Security will then work with you to develop a comprehensive and cohesive program that equips your key staff with the experience and expertise they need to identify an attack and stop it in its tracks.

In the event of a security breach, Equiniti Cyber Security will give you access to everything you need to create the right response, at the right time.

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