Ensure your defences are watertight

Standalone applications are used in a variety of devices and software – some of which you might not even consider. Our consultants will identify and test these, helping to tighten the net against online hackers and cyber-criminals. Devices we test include:

  • Desktop software
  • Set-top boxes
  • Smart TVs
  • Cars and other connected devices
  • Wireless infrastructures
  • IOT products – one of the most overlooked sources of data-leakage and Internet attack

The right response at the right time

In the event of a security breach, our Incident Response Team will work with your internal staff to identify the type of cyber attack and determine the best course of remediation.

Using analysis software and forensic techniques, such as reverse malware engineering, host-based intrusion detection and network analysis, we will define the initial vector of the breach, in order to determine how it took place. With that information, we can determine its abilities, aims and impact on your business. Finally, we will supply you with everything you need to eradicate the threat and reinforce your defences.

The standalone application testing process

To ensure your information assets are safe and your standalone applications are secure, our consultants will simulate a cyber attack on every associated item. In order to give the best possible results, we use a combination of Cloud, data, mobile app and software technologies, ensuring your defences are watertight.

In addition to simulating a cyber attack, we will also adopt the role of a confirmed user, to evaluate whether the systems and infrastructure are susceptible to manipulation.

Using manual and automated systems and strategies, we will attempt to exploit any vulnerabilities, giving you a detailed account of your app’s strengths and weaknesses.


We offer comprehensive and fully-accredited Standalone Application Testing Services. One of the major benefits is having a complete understanding of your systems’ potential for exploitation. Based on this, our specialists will be able to recommend the appropriate strategies during a cyber crisis and, where necessary, advise on the best steps for remediation.

However, there are further benefits, including:

  • The identification of design flaws within your apps
  • The ability to increase user confidence in the overall security of your apps
  • Protection against both internal and external attack
  • Protect your company’s most valuable assets

Your apps are a target for cybercriminals

Because standalone applications don’t have to modify a computer’s configuration information to run, it is thought that they are somehow separate from the rest of your systems. Unfortunately, shoddy security measures make these a prime target for hackers looking to access your data.

Many standalone apps are seen as easy picking for hackers; compared to centralised web environments, they exist on a scattered, divided and unregulated network.

Just because your information assets might be difficult to get to, it doesn’t mean that somebody won’t.

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